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Miniatura Gallery

We offer a joyfully-curated selection of small original paintings and drawings by uniquely talented artists. Our mixture of genres, styles and subjects makes looking for art a fascinating adventure.

Nothing in our gallery is larger than 8×10″, keeping our prices affordable, while the quality of the art remains exceptional. Wall space is never a problem, because who can’t fit two or three 5×5″ paintings in their office, kitchen, bathroom, hall or bedroom?

Our pieces come wired to hang or nestled in individual wood or metal easels. Each one is perfectly unique, and their appeal is immediate, as you will see. We don’t sell prints or digital work; only original pieces. Browse our categories or drop into our little Santa Fe gallery, one block from the Plaza. Our tiny paintings make wonderfully unique and personal gifts.

And be sure to check out the profiles of the artists whose work you love.

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The art may be small, but the talent is huge

Various genres, styles and subject matter

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