Born May 6, 1953, Bob is known for luminous Texas landscapes of Big Bend National Park, Sulphur Springs Fish Camp on the Colorado River and Proctor Lake near is home town of Dublin, Texas. His self-directed art education began at an early age with Mary Sloan in Corpus Christi and continued with his mentor Perry Nichols in Dallas. Bob had his first one person show at the age of 18. The seasoned artist continues to paint and exhibit regularly with his long-standing gallery partner, Valley House in Dallas. Known for their history of championing contemporary artists, the Valley House presented his eleventh one person exhibit earlier this year titled “The Comfort of Trees”.

Creating an eclectic breadth of work over fifty years, Bob has been written about by Eleanor Harvey of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Fredrick Turner of American Arts Quarterly, Judy Deaton of The Grace Museum, and Rebecca Lawton of the Amon Carter Museum.

His art is a life-practice in which inner and outer vision enrich each other, where “to see is to love”.


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