Boris was born in Zagreb, Croatia in the year 1974. And 13 years later, as a child, he discovered painting. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts, Boris moved to Ireland and entered the Senior College Ballyfermot where he had been trained to become a future artist in Sullivan Bluth Studios in Dublin. After a year of effort, he decided that fine arts is where his heart lay, so he returned to Zagreb and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, he moved to the Netherlands to another Academy, AKI Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst, and there, completely fell in love with painting.

Boris had over 30 solo exhibitions in Croatia and the Netherlands and illustrated more than 40 published books. In-between, he trained to become a chef and opened his own restaurant in Zagreb. After two years, it proved to be too much of a challenge and he returned to painting. Boris also wrote three collections of essays published in Croatia (The Small Circle, Croatians and Contradictions, and The Anatomy of Painting).

Recently, Boris has became obsessed with penetrating the secrets of Rembrandt’s painting technique, after realizing that advice on how to do it, offered on numerous YouTube painting channels, was wrong. For the last few years, he has been experimenting with methods and pigments that Rembrandt had available by reverse engineering the layers of paint and varnish he would have used. And now, instead of becoming a wealthy and elusive rogue forger of baroque paintings, Boris has decided to offer his insights to the world in a transparent and honest manner.

Boris loves nature and walks by the seaside, but absolutely adores culture and roaming through history.


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