I take raw sheet steel and cut into it, my interpretation of the petroglyph etchings I find on canyon walls and rock outcroppings left behind millennia ago by the ancient peoples of New Mexico.

My art stands on their shoulders. Their thousand years-old expressions are my inspiration. Every piece I create has a story to share and decipher. By illuminating these images, I shed light on their world and consciousness. A natural world they shared as an equal with the plants, animals, the wind and the rain. In all of nature’s elements they deified some to explain what they saw and to guide and guard them through time. I bring these from the canyon walls of New Mexico to your walls.

I’ve found opportunities to apply creativity in all my previous lives. When my life’s creative journey brought me to Santa Fe I found the unexpected. I began trekking across New Mexico’s amazing landscape. Here I discovered the ancient world of petroglyphs. I search for petroglyphs in places known and unknown. To keep unprotected sites safe, I seldom discuss the detailed location of some of my discoveries. My petroglyph photo collection has grown and provides the foundation for my artwork in steel.

Born in Wyoming, raised in Iowa, educated with a BA in music at Colorado College, studies at the University of Iowa graduate school of music and weaned on Guinness in folk pubs in London … thus began a life of creativity.


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