Neyha Sofat is a self taught contemporary figurative artist from England.
Her portraits capture poignant moments on the precipice of change and evoke deep reflection in her collectors.

Texture and experimentation are at the forefront of Neyha’s process where combines raw mediums like charcoal and textured paint with delicate gold leaf creating soft , well thought out compositions .

Neyha has received extensive exposure for her work through social media and with that have come great opportunities to design book covers and music album covers for authors and artists worldwide.

She spent her childhood in Kenya , East Africa , in her mothers art studio .That is where she first cultivated her artistic sensibilities . Art has always been a place of least resistance for her . She started drawing at the age of just 3.

She works from her idyllic home studio cradled in a Gorge ,in Essex ,with her husband and two young children.

Her unique portraits are representation of her own personal journey of self discovery and personal growth . They beautifully capture the vast range of human emotions.


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