Ron says “My brain is constantly composing what I see as a painting. I can’t seem to help it.”

Born and raised in Iowa, drawing just seemed to come natural to Ron. He is self taught and even at a young age he was aware of the drawing basics that would guide his skills and desire to improve.

After high school Ron moved to Nebraska with his wife where he has lived for nearly 50 years. A few years after settling in Nebraska he started a successful tire business which he operated for nearly 40 years until retiring in 2019. This left very little time for art until several years before retiring he started carrying a sketchbook. Ron’s morning coffee breaks and lunch hours were shared with his many sketchbooks. It was during these sketching years that he realized how much he enjoyed making those small drawings. Although he occasionally works on a larger scale, it is his love of the smaller art that drives him still. Ron draws or paints nearly every day and continues to keep a sketchbook near.

He says simply “I do it because it’s fun! It just seems to be a part of me.”

Although Nebraska doesn’t have particularly interesting subject matter to most people it does have prairies, lakes, family, pets and barns. Lots of barns! It is these things that mostly catch my eye.


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